Chile con Queso

Saturday, 14 Mar 2009


Yet another family staple from New Mexico.  “Chile con Queso” means chile with cheese.  I regret that I can’t provide my dad’s secret recipe, but did this the best I could from memory.   The preparation is really pretty simple.  Basically all you need is a knife, a cutting board and a crock pot.


Chile con Queso

1 block of Velveeta cheese

9-10 roasted, peeled and seeded NM green chilies, chopped

2 cans of whole tomatoes, chopped, with juice

1 can Rotel green chilies and tomatoes, drained

1/2 cup chopped onions, sauteed until soft and starting to brown

2 tablespoons minced jalapenos (from a jar)

Salsa of your choice, to taste (I used El Pato Jalapeno Salsa)

Salsa to taste


I like to start out by cutting the Velveeta into chunks and starting it melting in the crock pot at a medium to high setting.  Velveeta really is the best cheese for this because it melts so smoothly and mixes well with the other ingredients.


Once the cheese starts to get gooey, I add the other ingredients (as in the photo above) and mix them in.  At this point I turn the crock pot down to low.  It will take some time for the cheese to melt completely and for the ingredients to blend together.  It’s better to keep the heat fairly low as the mixture can curdle if it gets too hot.


If this is your first time making chile con queso, you might want to add ingredients gradually until it becomes the consistency you desire.  If you like it really cheesy with just a few chunks of chile, tomatoes, etc., you will not need as much of the extras as I added here.  You can just add a little at a time until it’s the way you like it.  I always end up adding salsa and more jalapenos at the end as a way to make it hotter.


This chile con queso is pretty close to what it will look like when it’s done.  There are a few unmelted chunks of cheese, but otherwise, this is pretty close.  It’s easy to just serve it right out of the warm crock pot into little bowls with chips.  That way it stays hot throughout a gathering.

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