Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberries

Sunday, 01 Feb 2009


These Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberries from Food and Wine turn out so light and fluffy they’re almost like crepes.  I found it worked better to sprinkle them with blueberries instead of baking the berries in because of the pancakes delicate texture.  They’re delicious in a tall stack with a little butter and maple syrup!  I was drawn to this recipe because I was hoping for something like the amazing Lemon-Ricotta Hotcakes at Minneapolis’ Hell’s Kitchen restaurant.  I think the Food and Wine recipe could be modified to taste like the Hell’s Kitchen version by adding some lemon zest (but not juice because it would thin out the batter too much) and by adding more sugar.  The Hell’s Kitchen hotcakes are sweeter.


Beating the egg whites separately into soft peaks and then folding them into the rest of the ingredients makes the batter very light and fluffy.  It also seems like the recipe contains a relatively small amount of flour — the batter is not thick.


Here’s what happened when I added huge blueberries to the pancakes as they cooked.  The berries were too plump and the batter too delicate for this to work.  It might work with tiny wild blueberries.  I decided to make the rest of the pancakes sans berries and just use the berries as a topping.


Here’s what happened when I tried to make the pancakes in a stainless All-Clad pan.  Utter destruction.  I switched to non-stick after this mess.


Non-stick worked much better for the pancakes, especially since they’re very light and thin.


We loved these pancakes and they’d be great however you want to top them.  This is the lightest, airiest pancake batter I’ve found and I’ll definitely go back to this recipe.

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