Oven Baked Onion Rings

Monday, 19 Jan 2009


These Oven Baked Onion Rings from Ellie Krieger at the Food Network are a somewhat healthier version of the deep fried original.  They’re battered with pulverized potato chips and retain a great crunch.  When my husband tried them he said, “What makes these healthy?  They don’t taste healthy!”  Maybe they’re not totally health food, but much improved over what you’d get at the local burger joint.


I made a few minor changes to the recipe:

1.  Instead of baked potato chips, I used the Reduced Fat Extra Crunchy Lay’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips above.

2.  As many of the reviewers of the recipe suggested, I let the onions soak in the buttermilk mixture for around 10 minutes before dipping them in the potato chip breading.

3.  I had to grind up more potato chips in the food processor halfway through dipping the onions in the breading because it became soggy and would no longer stick to the onions.  A better approach might be to sprinkle the breading over the buttermilk-dipped rings for more even coverage and no clumping in your breading dish.

4.  I cut the onions thinner than the 1/2 inch called for in the recipe — this was a mistake.  They would have been better thicker.  The thin ones ended up cooking a little too fast.  I guess the point is to make all the onion rings as uniform in size and thickness as possible for even cooking.


In an effort to healthify this meal I also used 91% lean beef for the burgers.  The onion rings were good and I think will be even better next time now that I’ve taken the recipe for a test drive.


Here’s another shot of the finished product:


Reader's Comments

  1. Joe loves onion rings, and these so much healthier then the fried ones. Thanks 🙂

  2. Thanks, Betty! These weren’t bad for a “healthified” version.

  3. These look wonderful, Elizabeth! We’ll give them a try!

  4. Thanks, Dad!

  5. Very cool! What a good idea!

  6. Yes, it’s a great idea for cutting a few calories from this dish. I found it in Food Network’s “most emailed” category, so apparently the idea has caught on!

  7. Matt and I tried these recently. They were tasty, but I ran out of chips by the end because we had so much onion (it was a really big onion!) We ended up throwing baked jalapeno cheese crunchies and panko breadcrumbs into the food processor along with the last of the chips. It turned out pretty well. Thanks for the recipe!

  8. Meg, glad you tried them! I bet the panko worked well — that might even be better than the chips!

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