Adventures in Crunchy French Toast

Sunday, 18 Jan 2009


Crunchy French toast with berries sounded good for a special Sunday morning breakfast.  But how to achieve the crispy coating?  I’d never made this before.  I found a scrumptious-looking recipe at Inn Cuisine:  Crunchy French Toast.   A lot of Crunchy french toast recipes call for a cornflake crust.  The Inn Cuisine recipe uses Frosted Flakes.  I had neither corn nor frosted flakes, so attempted a risky substitution: crushed Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal, the healthy answer to Cap’n Crunch.


My only other change to the recipe was to add about 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla. I used day-old rustic Italian bread for the French toast.  (I also made a few pieces of un-crunchy French toast in case the coating experiment went bust.)  I sifted a little powdered sugar over it, sprinkled on some fresh blueberries and served it with warm maple syrup.  The Kashi cereal coating worked fine and tasted good.  It stayed crunchy and browned evenly in the pan.   This leads me to believe that any number of breakfast cereals could be used.  Who knows, kids might have some fun with Froot Loop French toast!


Reader's Comments

  1. Glad to see your unique take on Crunchy French Toast. Anyway you mix it, Crunchy French Toast has to be one of my favorite entrees for breakfast, and you’re right—there are so many ways you could accomplish the crunch, the choices & flavor nuances are nearly limitless!

  2. Sandie, thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed browsing Inn Cuisine and your Crunchy French Toast recipe was great.

  3. Oh wow! This looks great as always!
    I love breakfast foods. I went to get blueberries yesterday for some muffins I wanted to make and you know out here in NM we don’t have the freshest produce. Had to get the frozen ones, I was really looking forward to fresh blueberries. Sorry I just went off on a whole different subject. I like this recipe and will save it, thanks 🙂

  4. Thanks, Betty! That’s too bad you couldn’t find fresh blueberries. It’s always so disappointing when you can’t find the produce you want.

  5. [Gasp!] You’ve sent me over the edge – I am Breakfast Girl and this looks heavenly! The only thing that would make it better? STUFFED Crunchy French Toast!!

  6. Wow, great idea, Tangled Noodle! You are serious about your breakfast!

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