Chicken with Red Peppers, Garlic and White Wine Sauce

Friday, 16 Jan 2009


Tonight’s recipe is a Food and Wine recipe from Mario Batali:  Chicken with Piquillos.  I couldn’t find piquillos, a small Spanish pepper whose name means “little beak,” so I used roasted red peppers in a jar.  The chicken cooks slowly after it’s been browned and you end up with a succulent garlic and onion studded white wine sauce.  Instead of using all the pieces of a whole chicken, I halved the recipe and used large two bone-in chicken breasts.


I followed the recipe on this except for one thing: the garlic.  According to the recipe, at the beginning you rub the chicken with sliced garlic and salt, then let the chicken sit in the refrigerator for an hour with the garlic.  Then you scrape off the garlic before the chicken is browned, and the garlic never reappears.  I wanted to hang on to the garlic, so when I scraped it off, I browned it in the olive oil before the chicken went into the pan.  I then took it out of the pan and set it aside, adding it back in with the peppers and white wine later in the recipe.  The garlic was mellow after being sauteed and then simmered with the sauce and chicken.


I served the chicken on top of white rice made with chicken broth, garnished it with flat-leaf parsley, and served  a green salad with balsamic vinaigrette on the side.  In keeping with the Spanish theme, I grated a little bit of Manchego cheese and added it to the salad.


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  1. This looks so healthy. I can smell the chicken cooking from over here.

  2. Thanks, Betty! It was even better the next day after the sauce really soaked in and the flavors melded!

  3. Matt got Mario Batali’s Spanish cookbook for Christmas and seeing your photos has pushed this one to the top of the list. I will say that there is a slight difference in flavor between piquillo peppers and regular roasted red peppers, but not one you’d necessarily notice if you weren’t tasting the two side by side. Matt’s mom grew up in Spain, so she keeps us supplied with piquillos and smoked paprika.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Meg! I’ll have to track down some piquillos and do this recipe right sometime. Let me know how that cookbook is!

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