We R. Killenus: 7 out of 3 Minnesotans Also Have Wacky Names

Monday, 22 Dec 2008


I mentioned that our cab driver on the way to the airport told us that “7 out of 3” Minnesotans moved to the city from somewhere else.  Quality math at work.  Apparently, a majority of people in the Minneapolis airport also have pun-worthy names.

No joke, just as we were about to get on the plane, United put out a last boarding call for “Tanya A-Hole, calling Tanya A-Hole.” Don’t know how you spell her name, but it sounds exactly like Ay-hole. Highly unfortunate. Right after that, the American desk next to the United desk paged the “R. Killenus” party to come get their standby seats.  As in U.R. Killenus.  I don’t know, but with these airlines it may be that the joke’s on us.

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