Miracle Cure for Shower Water Spots

Friday, 05 Dec 2008

Well, my posts today include two rants and one housekeeping tip. Maybe I need to get back to cooking.  But this was just too useful not to share.  If you have problems with water spots or mineral residue on your glass shower door or sides, this could be a huge breakthrough for you.  It was for me.


The answer is glass stovetop cleaner.  You use it just like you would on the stove — rub it on with a cloth or paper towel, and keep wiping until the surface shines.  I had tried all kinds of cleaners to get the spots off our glass shower door — windex, bathroom cleaner — and nothing worked.  This was great.  It does take a lot of “wax-on, wax-off” type elbow grease, but it’s worth it.  I also followed up the cleaner with a round of windex to make sure there was no residue.   Added bonus:  it seems this stuff repels water.   The doors dried spotless after showers after I did this. We’ll see how long it lasts.   I found this idea posted on Epinions when I searched for ways to get the glass shower clean.  Without further ado, here are the before and after pics:

Before — ugly water spots and residue on the shower door.


During cleaning — wax on, wax off:


After — sparkling clean spotless shower:


Reader's Comments

  1. WOW! It got it really clean, I need to find some of this. I hate it no matter how much I scrub and scrub and some water spots are still left. Thanks for the tip. 😉

  2. Yeah, it worked really well! It’s still repelling the water, too. Give it a shot.

  3. Will do Thanks! 😉

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