What’s a mashup?


One of the simplest definitions out there comes from “A mash-up is a Web page or application that integrates complementary elements from two or more sources.”

Many of the recipes you’ll find on Recipe Mashups are the product of two or more other recipes or food ideas put together in a complementary way to create something new.

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  1. I made these chili rellenos with hamburger meat the other night when I didn’t have much time to cook. Peel 8 roasted green chilis and lay them out in a 9x 13″ pyrex baking dish. Sprinkle a little shredded cheese over them. Ladle fried hamburger meat on each chile and then, fold each chili over the meat and cheese. Just pull up one side of the chile, and shift the meat and cheese so it covers half the chile, then fold the portion you pulled up, over the meat and cheese so it is covered. Do this for all 8 chiles and then sprinkle more cheese on top. Microwave until they are hot and cheese is melted. A pretty fast and satisfying meal. You can add a starch and salad if you want, or quacamole and chips.

  2. We made a fun mashup recipe, combining a traditional pesto sauce with a Thai twist, and it came out great. Photos are posted along with the recipe here: – Enjoy! We’re definitely into recipe mashups.

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