Mustard and Herb Roasted Beef Tenderloin

Wednesday, 09 Mar 2016

This recipe is a winner and one I know I’ll make again. The meat turned out fantastic, with lots of flavor — I especially love the taste and texture of a little whole grain mustard with the tender beef. I made this for a crowd and tripled the recipe to make three whole 6-to-7-pound tenderloins. I divided the meat into 6 roughly even sections and cooked 3 of those per pan in two separate roasting pans. I put one in the oven at one time and then switched. I needed to at least double the cooking time at 450 to around 30 minutes for that quantity of meat, but checked it constantly. The end product was rare to medium rare. Let the meat rest before slicing.

Roasted Filet of Beef with Whole-Grain Mustard and Herb Crust

Here’s a picture of the meat seared and seasoned before going into the oven to roast.

Trimming three whole tenderloins took a while and my son, watching, asked why we didn’t just get Chick-fil-A for this party! In the end, all the trimming was worth the effort.

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