Glazed Squash

Wednesday, 26 Oct 2011

I brought home a nice acorn squash from Cox Farms when we went to the Fall Festival with our niece and nephew last weekend — fun times.   I typically roast acorn squash, cut in half on a baking sheet, but was looking for something new.  I liked this Martha Stewart recipe (Glazed Squash) because it cooks much faster (25 minutes vs. an hour) since the squash is sliced up.  The brown sugar caramelizes nicely and gives this a great flavor.

The hardest part of cooking acorn squash is cutting it.  Halving it from stem to stern is always a bear, so I was glad I only had to slice it in one-inch pieces and then cut those in half.  A big sharp knife is always a requirement, though.

Here’s the squash prepped and ready to go into the oven.  The brown sugar melts into a glaze, and I liked the way it combined with the kosher salt I used so that it wasn’t only sweet.  A little bit of fresh ground pepper is nice, too.   And here’s the final product:

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