Green Goddess Chicken Salad

Monday, 10 Aug 2009


Another great one from Food and Wine.  Using rotisserie chicken and store-baked ciabatta makes it super fast, too.  Here’s the recipe: Green Goddess Chicken Salad.


The recipe is very “herby” (parsley, basil, oregano and dill — hence the “Green Goddess”) and very fresh (thanks, lemon juice).   The rotisserie chicken and ciabatta make it filling enough for a good weeknight dinner.


Here’s the dressing ready to go.  My only changes to the recipe were to dispense with the anchovies, and to use reduced-fat mayo to make it a little healthier.


I made another substitution in the salad itself — grilled fresh red peppers instead of bottled piquillos.  I know the character of piquillos is a little different from that of red bell peppers, but I preferred using the fresh peppers, quartered and grilled with a little olive oil until soft.  I also omitted the olives from the recipe.


This is the loaf of bread I used in the salad.  Ciabatta is typically a flat square or rectangular loaf.  This was a “twisted ciabatta baguette”– just what my grocery store happened to have.  I sliced it into one-inch slices, quartered those and threw them into the salad.

The Food and Wine article recommends serving this with a rose or a light red like Pinot Noir.  I had a glass of MacMurray Ranch Pinot Noir with the salad and it was great.

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