Sierra Nevada Brined Chicken with Grilled Butternut Squash

Thursday, 25 Jun 2009


Tonight’s meal is my take on Apartment Therapy’s take on an Emeril recipe: Beer-BrinedChicken on the Grill.  I didn’t have any Guinness, so opted for some Sierra Nevada instead.  It worked fine, even though I only brined the chicken for a couple hours instead of eight or so.  The chicken was still nice and juicy and flavorful. The recipe for grilled butternut squash, which I think turned out looking like alien body parts on the grill, is from PBS’s Victory Garden:  Grilled Butternut Squash.


This is the start of the brine mixture in the saucepan.  I didn’t have any cheese cloth to make an actual bouquet garni, so I just dumped all the seasonings into the brine.  I did have to pick a few cloves and cinnamon stick shards off of the chicken before it hit the grill, but otherwise it worked fine.


Here’s the chicken happily brining away.


We had a few small flare-ups on the grill because of the skin on the chicken breasts, but nothing devastating.  I tried to keep the grill close to 450 degrees and the chicken took 30-35 minutes to cook.


I shook the cut up squash with some coarse sea salt, olive oil and chopped fresh sage


Here’s the squash grilling.  I do think the pieces look like alien claws or monkey wrenches.  Or maybe even goldfish…


A new way to entice the kids to eat their veggies, perhaps?

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