Passover 2.0

Thursday, 09 Apr 2009


Passover 2.0… that’s what my husband dubbed our new version of Passover Seder last night.  Since it was just the two of us, we were looking for something smaller than the usual extravaganza with a big brisket and all the trimmings.  It was also kind of fun to make fried chicken battered with crushed matzo.  Without further ado, here are the recipes from none other than Martha Stewart:  Matzo-Crusted Chicken Cutlets, Bibb Lettuce Salad with Horseradish Dressing, and Vegetable Tian.


The chicken doesn’t take long at all and the matzo makes a great crust.  If you don’t want to deep fry the chicken (I used canola oil), you could probably just use a few tablespoons of oil in the pan and saute the chicken on each side.


The vegetable tian recipe combines thin layers of red bliss potatoes, zucchini, carrots, and onions, seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper, and roasted with a drizzle of olive oil.  I highly recommend using a mandoline to cut the vegetables — it saves a ton of time and gives you nice, uniform, thin slices.  This dish takes the longest of any part of this meal to cook, so I would recommend prepping the vegetables and getting them in the oven first, and then taking care of the chicken and the salad.  This vegetable dish looks great in the serving dish and on your plate.  I think the slices even look a little bit like egg shapes.


This salad combines a couple of traditional aspects of Passover:  eggs and horseradish.  The dressing recipe calls for two tablespoons of horseradish, but I used extra-hot, so I just used one tablespoon.  The honey in the recipe really mellows out the horseradish and the dressing is a great combination of spicy, sweet and tangy from the white wine vinegar.  All told, this meal took only about one hour to make, so it’s really pretty quick and easy.

Reader's Comments

  1. Looks delicious! In response to your question, I’m making traditional Polish things for Easter breakfast (kielbasa, hard-boiled eggs, babka, etc) and then a pretty American dinner (apps: mini crab cakes & spinach artichoke dip (such a good go to); main: glazed ham, lemon walnut green beans, sweet potatoes whipped with honey and lemon & white chocolate mousse parfaits with strawberries). I’ll send you the recipes if anything turns out amazing!

  2. Wow!! Sounds like quite the extravaganza! Let me know how things turn out — sounds like a couple of wonderful meals.

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