Now with New Improved Extra Chocolatey Flavor!

Tuesday, 07 Apr 2009


I made another batch of Chocolate Chocolate Chip Banana Mini Muffins and tried to give these more chocolate flavor.   This time I used three heaping tablespoons of cocoa instead of two, and one of the tablespoons was Hershey’s Special Extra Dark cocoa.  It worked — the batter was a much darker chocolate color and so were the muffins, and they tasted more chocolatey.


The top photo is my new favorite mini dessert:  just heat up one of these bite sized muffins, add a tiny scoop of ice cream (I like Breyer’s Double Churn Light for a lower calorie option) and you have a great little dessert that won’t bust your diet.  It would also be great with a little chocolate syrup or some sprinkles on top, just for fun.


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