La Maja Desnuda Returns as a Stuffed Green Chile

Tuesday, 31 Mar 2009


Now that I have your attention…  Tonight’s dinner was grilled sirloin, green chiles roasted and stuffed with cheese, and grilled sweet potatoes.  It wasn’t a great night for grilling since it snowed most of the day, but I donned my trusty Northface and braved the gusts out on our balcony.  No matter what the weather, meals made totally on the grill are hard to beat.  Now back to La Maja… is it just me or does this green chile look just like Goya’s La Maja Desnuda posing right there on my plate?  You be the judge.



And this used to be a family-friendly blog…  Meanwhile back at the grill, I blackened the chiles and then put them in an ice bath.  The skin slides right off.  For this dish, I went ahead and peeled and seeded the chiles.  I left the stems on for a little extra flair, as you will notice above.


The next step is to stuff the chiles with the cheese of your choice and put them in the oven at 375 for about 8 minutes to melt the cheese.


For the grilled sweet potatoes, I left the peel on and cut them into wedges.  I drizzled them with a little olive oil and sprinkled on some cayenne and paprika, and put them right on the grill.  I turned them after about 4 minutes, and left them on until they were tender.  Even if the edges get blackened, the sweet potato is soft and tender inside.   It helps if you really like sweet potatoes to eat these because here you get them in their full unadulterated glory (La Maja?) without any sugar coating.  Full disclosure:  my husband didn’t like them all that much… the texture was a little too “interesting.”


All in all, this was a good, healthy meal.  Sirloin is a lean cut of meat, not much oil stays with the sweet potatoes on the grill.  It’s easy enough to use reduced fat cheese in the chiles, too or just use a moderate amount of cheese.  In fact, my family started making these stuffed green chiles as a fast and healthy substitute for the messy, fattening deep fried traditional chile relleno.


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