Bad Baby Beets: At Least They Looked Pretty

Sunday, 04 Jan 2009


I was really excited when I found Melissa’s Baby Beets, pre-packaged peeled, steamed baby beets at the grocery store.  I love beets on a salad or sliced up with goat cheese (yes, I’m on a big goat cheese kick this week).  So today I made a nice little plate of beets with goat cheese, sprinkled with olive oil, fresh dill and pepper, and surrounded with cornichons (little French pickles) and pearl onions.  I was looking forward to this nice snack accompanied by a glass of red wine, but alas, the beets were a bust.  They were dried out and just didn’t taste good at all.  At least I had a good glass of wine.  See the disappointing beets below.


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  1. Oh wow! This is perfect for the New Years Resolution!

  2. I am on a mission to find good beets to make this salad, I really like the recipe but don’t want to make the mistake of getting these beets. Can you recommend any?

  3. Hi Betty, I have to admit this was my first time buying beets for a salad and I’ve never cooked them! Have to imagine they’re better if you buy fresh and cook them. I saw this recipe for a salad with beets and goat cheese on and they boil the beets: . It looks pretty good in the picture. Let me know what you figure out!

  4. I’ve added your website to a list on my blog called “Admirers”.

    I will eventually add your blog to a list called “Websites that make me spill my saliva.” But that’s yet to come.


  5. Thanks, Bisket! Stay warm!

  6. I’m glad to find your new site! I’ve never seen pre-steamed beets in my store, but that would take my only reservation about beets away. They just take so darn long to cook but are so good.

  7. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, it’s always nice to find fun pre-prepared ingredients to throw into a salad. One of these days I might try cooking the beets myself!

  8. do you have a trader joe’s in minnesota? they have pretty yummy steamed and peeled beets packaged for only a few dollars. i got them for the first time this week and although they seemed a tad sweet, it must have been the beets as there was no sugar (let alone any other ingredients) added.

  9. Good idea, Kathy — I will check out the beets at TJ’s. The nice people at Melissa’s (company these beets came from) have offered to send me a new package because these weren’t good. Hopefully it was just some kind of defect.

  10. This looks great! I am on a major beet kick at the moment- I had an amazing beet salad at Jaleo a few weeks ago and have been making my own version at home ever since. Anyway, I’ve always had great results roasting my beets- I use the recipe Thomas Keller has in his Buchon cookbook. He basically just scrubs them, drizzles them with olive oil, wraps them in foil and cooks them at 350 for an hour or so. (until a knife slides right in) Once they’ve cooled a bit you can rub the skins right off with paper towels. Then I chop them up and keep them in the fridge to throw in salads. They are one of my new favorite foods!

  11. Wow, I’m definitely going to try this — thanks for sharing the Keller method! Love your idea of keeping the roasted beets on hand for salads.

  12. Trader Joe’s has the best packaged pre-cooked beets.

  13. Thanks for the suggestion, Jen!

  14. I eat Melissa’s Baby Beets regularly they are delicious regularly, they make preparing beets a breeze


  15. I eat Melissa’s Baby Red Beets regularly, they are delicious and a breeze to prepare.


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