French Meadow Rules Airport Food

Monday, 22 Dec 2008


All I can say is why can’t Chicago have food like this? French Meadow at MSP does a great breakfast. If you have time, I highly recommend sitting in the bar where there’s full table service because their food is messy! I once took one of their overstuffed breakfast burritos onto the airplane and successfully ate it, but that’s another story. This morning we had the egg and bacon croissant sandwich. What I like about this is the tomato and spinach on the sandwich, good guacamole and amazing hash browns on the side. So it’s a little better than an Egg McMuffin. Or the Chili’s in the Chicago airport where the food eats your stomach. I’ve thrown in a couple iPhone pics of French Meadow and the view out the window here at MSP.


So far we’ve had a good travel day. It is 8 below zero but it looks like no problem getting out of MSP so far. And we’re headed for NM which means it’s conceivable we could experience a temperature swing of up to 90 degrees in 24 hours (-25 windchill to 65 and sunny)!


Also learned something new in the cab to the airport. Did you know that 7 out of 3 people in Minneapolis moved here from somewhere else? Our cab driver shared that fun fact with us– as my husband said, “a stat you can take to the bank.”. I’ll leave you with that enlightening food for thought.

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