Don’t Forget Your Booties ‘Cause It’s COLD Outside!

Sunday, 30 Nov 2008

And bake some homemade bread while you’re at it.  It’s 25 degrees and snowy today in Minneapolis… here are some shots of what it looks like outside.  Fred, our Boston terrier, was wishing he had some booties when he went out onto the balcony to check out the snow.  He dove into the blanket on the couch when we got back in –don’t think he appreciated that little field trip too much.  Anyway, it’s a great day for some baking and I decided to make homemade bread.  Pics and recipe forthcoming shortly…




Reader's Comments

  1. I love the “you can’t be serious” look on Fred’s face while he’s freezing on the balcony.

  2. Yeah, and the bottom look says “If you think I’m going outside again, you’re nuts.”

  3. Fred looks like he recovered. Minneapolis won’t do the same until spring. I’m going to try the lastest chicken recipe when we get back.

  4. It’s already snowed in your area? Wow! We still have no snow, but then of course out here in NM it doesn’t get very cold. 🙁
    Fred is so adorable!

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