What to take to Thanksgiving Dinner?

Wednesday, 26 Nov 2008


I’m going to make a couple things to take to my husband’s family’s Thanksgiving celebration.  My job is a side-dish and a dessert.  I picked two things already posted on this blog:  Roasted Root Vegetables and Alayne’s Pumpkin Bars.  Why these recipes?  They’re both easy to scale for a crowd, fairly simple to prepare, tried-and-true recipes (so no ugly surprises the day of the party) and I think both dishes have pretty broad appeal.  Also, I think these items will travel fairly easily in covered dishes. We’ll see how it goes!


Reader's Comments

  1. Oh Yum! Those pumpkin bars look great!
    Wishing you & your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. and so do the veggies! Yum!

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