Billy’s Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

Saturday, 15 Nov 2008


Billy’s Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

This cupcake recipe is from Martha Stewart, based on a recipe from Billy’s Bakery in NYC.  My friend Lola made these for our neighborhood Halloween party a couple years ago and they were so good, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to make them.  What I like about these is that they taste very homemade, very cakey.  They’re something you’d want to eat with a big glass of cold milk.

There’s a lot of confusion and some complaints about falling cupcakes in the reviews for this recipe on Martha Stewart’s website.  Apparently the written recipe doesn’t match the video, and some people have trouble with the cupcakes sinking in the middle.  I watched the video and then read the recipe, and mainly stuck with what they did in the video – the cupcakes turned out fine.  One thing to watch for is that the recipe tells you to mix the milk and eggs together, but the video doesn’t.  I followed the video’s directions.


I cut the recipe in half and it made 17 cupcakes.  I used ¾ tsp. baking powder, have the quantity of splitting the difference between what the video said to do and what the recipe said to do.  The cupcakes rose just fine, were light and fluffy and did not have indentations in the middle.  I baked them for 19-20 minutes, but started checking them at 17.  If they brown on top, chances are you’ve left them in too long.  The tops of these stay white even when they’re done.


Vanilla Buttercream

I halved the buttercream frosting recipe and it still made more than was needed.  There were some complaints in the reviews about the frosting being “too sweet” and the need for less sugar.  Well, this frosting, like most, basically IS sugar.  You can’t reduce the amount of powdered sugar because that’s what is creating the body of the frosting – otherwise it will be a runny mess.  Anyway, the frosting tasted good to me and is easy to work with.  I made it pretty stiff so it wouldn’t run off the cupcakes and added sprinkles to each cupcake immediately after frosting.


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