Lifehack: A More Productive and Rewarding Life through Cooking

Monday, 10 Nov 2008

This great post on Lifehack called 9 Reasons Cooking Advice Belongs on a Productivity Blog runs through a lot of good reasons to cook instead of eating out or buying packaged foods. Here’s a quick rundown:

1.  Good nutrition is good for your brain.

2.  Cooking is cheaper much of the time.

3.  Cooking can be faster than ordering.

4.  Cooking is a cheap and fulfilling hobby.

5.  Planning meals for the week helps you manage the rest of your schedule more efficiently.

6.  Cooking can be a good way to go green.

7.  Cooking healthy food is better for you than many other options.

8.  Planning meals before shopping and then eating at home can save gas money.

9.  Cooking food for others and eating together are intimate activities that are good for relationships.

So, check out the full list.  If you’re on the fence about whether cooking is worth the time investment out of your busy life, this might just get you into the kitchen!

Reader's Comments

  1. This is my favorite one.
    4. Cooking is a cheap and fulfilling hobby.
    I enjoy cooking but feel that yes it doesn’t have to break the bank.

  2. Enjoyed the list. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I enjoyed #4, too — cooking is a very relaxing activity, to me. It may or may not actually be cheaper, though, the way I go crazy at the grocery store sometimes!

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