Homemade Spinach Gnocchi with Gorgonzola and Asiago

Wednesday, 22 Oct 2008

Homemade gnocchi is really more of a production than I thought.  I would say this took 1.5 hours from prep time to plate time.  Maybe it took longer because I was finishing making bagels at the same time.  I used Mario Batali’s Green Gnocchi with Asiago recipe from the Food Network.

I was concerned about too much strong gorgonzola flavor, but mashing it with butter and simmering it really mellowed it out.  I want to try this as a base for other recipes.  I made a few changes to the recipe based on what I had on hand:

1) I did not have any grappa, so just used a little of the red wine I had open.  It turned out fine – the sauce was great, but it did have a funky grey/mauve color, unfortunately.

2) I didn’t have a ricer, so chopped up the potatoes in the food processor.  May have gone a little too far with this – had to add lots of flour to keep the gnocchi from being chewy.

3) Used dried chives and added them to the butter/gorgonzola mixture towards the beginning so they’d have a chance to soften.  Also added about ¼ tsp. dried sage.

Once the gnocchi were done and I added them back into the sauce, I noticed that it was taking a while for them to heat through.  I think I made them a little too large.  I then chopped most of them in half with the spatula.  This helped – gnocchi can be a bit doughy if you get a huge bite and it’s nice to have smaller pieces fully coated with sauce.

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