Restaurant Eve’s Birthday Cake

Saturday, 11 Oct 2008

My sister came into town this weekend and I made her this cake to celebrate her birthday.  Restaurant Eve’s Birthday Cake is what I think of when I imagine what a birthday cake should look like — pink frosting and lots of sprinkles!  Restaurant Eve in Alexandria, VA, serves this as a tiny individual cake and it’s their most-ordered dessert, birthday or not.  They even took the recipe off their website because of the cake’s huge popularity.  Fortunately, the Washington Post website still has the recipe up, which is where this came from.

For this  cake, I made two nine-inch round cakes.  After letting them cool completely, I cut them each in half to make four layers. The icing recipe makes a huge amount, so it was plenty to go between the layers, cover the cake entirely, with enough left to pipe on writing and decorations with an icing bag.  I used three drops of red food coloring to get the baby-pink Restaurant Eve color.  Having never made a layer cake before, I didn’t do a great job of getting the layers even, but it did taste good.  Getting the sprinkles to stick to the sides is a challenge, too — my kitchen was inundated with them when I finished.

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