Farmer’s Market Produce Bonanza… Except for Chives

Thursday, 11 Sep 2008


The Thursday farmer’s market in downtown Minneapolis is just a few blocks from our place so I headed down there to find some vegetables this afternoon.  I came home with a whole lotta’ potatoes, huge zucchini and green chile for a grand total of $8.  I guess I could have haggled, but I was happy with what I got.


My main purpose for going to the farmer’s market was to find fresh chives for the Cheesy Smashed Potatoes I’m going to make tonight, so it was a real disappointment that not a single stall had any.  I guess I’ll just have to use dried chives because there’s no way I’m going to the store again today.

I’m looking forward to roasting the green chile for use in all kinds of dishes, so watch for a blog entry on that soon.


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